Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tips to save time and money

Money is precious. We can save money by using it wisely. I am providing some tips based on my experience. Please try them and find out if they work for you.

1. Buy a month’s dry grocery items. This saves umpteen trips to the store which costs more money and also time waste. Larger packs cost less relatively. Items can be stored in air tight containers.

2. Paying a year’s bill also helps save money. You may be given a discount also and the positive thing is you need not worry about monthly bills. An example would be the cable television bill. It can be remitted in advance for six months or a year. Almost all companies and service providers have the option of advance remittance.

3. Coupons are a great way of saving money. A lot of companies give special coupons, deals and discounts which can be used to save money.

4. Buy clothes only when necessary. Fashion can be invented by mix match old clothes or stitching new designs. Why waste money when the clothes you have are still going strong.

5. Cook simple meals each day. Home cooked meals are safer, healthier, less on calories and cheaper too. There are a lot of recipes online. Rice powder or flour can be used to make instant dishes. Steam cooked rice preparations are tasty and healthy too.

6. Prepare a timetable for kitchen menu- i.e. write the menu for Monday, Tuesday and so on. This will save you the tension of thinking of what to make each day. It will also help you to make ready any ingredients the previous night. Using thermal rice cookers help you to make brown rice overnight.

7. Deposit small change in a can. You can open it after a month and use it for buying something for yourself or buy a gift for someone you love. They will be pleasantly surprised. It can also be given as charity to a needy neighbor or friend.

8. Drink herbal tea to ensure good health. You can make your own by using leaves or petals from your garden. Recipes are available online. Reduce on soft drinks and colas.

9. Fast food is not healthy. Restrict yourself from buying chips and wafers. Do not stack food in the refrigerator. This also helps in reducing weight and thus trips to the clinic.