Monday, September 16, 2013

How to keep your house clean and tidy?

People have a tendency to buy things that they don't really need. Any item that catches the eye or a good deal that cannot be missed is bought without any second thought. Such items clutter the house and pose space problems after some time. The things that clutter most are usually toys, utensils, stationary items, cheap clothes and fancy items. Some people even have the habit of storing gifts that were presented to them years ago. All this contribute to general mess.

De-Cluttering Your House

De-cluttering the house requires patience and time. A weekend can be used for this. One can even plan ahead for doing it. The family members can be requested to participate by grouping things that they don't really need. The items can then be sorted into various labeled boxes like recycle box and donation box or charity box. These are only examples. One can add to the list as per convenience.
The living room with just the required furniture reflects the personality of the housekeeper and the family members. Unexpected guests should not be made to feel that they have landed in a house struck by the tsunami. No one appreciates mess. So, it should be kept in mind that the living room has an official appearance.

The bedroom is another place where people dump things like favorite books or magazines. Clutter actually interferes with the serenity of the bedroom. Sleep also becomes affected. A clean looking bed helps induce sleep.

The medicines in the closet should be checked regularly. Drugs that have expired should be disposed off. Old toothbrushes and other accessories should also be discarded.
Clothes that overflow the closet add to clutter. The clothes that are not worn can be donated to those who need them.

The kitchen can be kept organized by storing utensils and other items in proper shelves or containers. Modern gadgets that offer maximum utility within a small space are available. These make cooking and cleaning an easy process. Unnecessary utensils and glass ware can be given off or disposed.
The basement and garage are spaces which get cluttered easily. Members of the house can join together to clean the place and make more space.

De- cluttering is a process that helps to recollect the memories of the past. Old photographs and other items will take one down the memory lane, thus making it an enjoyable task.