Monday, September 16, 2013

Ten reasons to be happy

Happiness is a state of mind. People become happy when praised or are rewarded. However there are bouts of unhappiness which can affect the normal life and work. Modern day business organizations make sure that their employees are happy by providing many amenities. Even then some people tend to get bored with their lifestyles and thus work and life are affected. I am giving below a list of ten reasons to remain happy. Please read them and share them with people – friends or relatives who are gloomy, so that their mood is enhanced. It is a goodwill share and can earn you points in the game of life.

1. You are reading this sentence. This means that you are very lucky to have been educated because so many people are not.
2. You are able to access the internet. This makes you very privileged. There are so many people who do not even have electricity supply.
3. You are having a house above your head. This is a blessing that most people do not have.
4. You are having enough money to eat three or four times a day without having to work for your next bite. So many people have been put off work due to the economic setbacks even in developed countries. Often, we only get to see the bright picture of developed countries.
5. You are able to get up in the morning with no pain. There are many who have to take painkillers to numb he pain. There are many more that have no access to proper medical care throughout the world.
6. You are able to appreciate the beauty of a flower or the smile of a child. Depressed people lose the meaning of life and live it like a burden. So many have lost their minds. So, please learn to appreciate precious moments in the rush of life. It will save your soul. Spend some time with children and become young in mind.
7. You have water to drink. Imagine the life of a bushman who has to scrape roots to get a drop of water. Save water.
8. You are able to enjoy life with the help of all your sense organs. Many cannot see, some cannot hear and some others cannot speak.
9. You have a family which is a blessing. Do not lose it. You don’t have to pay to hug or show affection to your spouse and kids. Loneliness is a great enemy indeed.
10. Above all you are a human being which is the greatest gift of GOD. Only humans have been given the power to think. So, please think over this article and start to live life, give yourself time, appreciate others and enjoy life. If you liked my points, please share it. I thank you for reading this till the end.
 This article is written to promote mental happiness and health.