Friday, October 25, 2013

Beat the heat with fruits and juices

The heat is increasing by the minute. It is almost impossible to live without the fan. Adding to the woes is the power cut both official and non official in Indian states. During such times, it is better to eat loads of fruits and drink enough water. Seasonal fruits are the best to consume. It is wise not to eat heavy foods that require a lot of time to digest. Including fruit juices in the diet is good for maintaining hydration. I mentioned seasonal fruits because local fruits are better for the body as they are in tune with the climate. The seasonal fruits available in Kerala now are mangoes, jack fruit, water melon, bananas, rose apple, guava and pineapple. Of these, pineapple. mangoes and jack fruit increase heat, so they should not be consumed in excess. Water melon, tender coconut and sugar cane juice are best to quench the thirst. Drinking butter milk is also healthy during summer.

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