Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ramani - the new calf

In an earlier post, I had mentioned that our cow was already to give birth to a calf. Well, it did, thankfully in the morning at 8.30, yesterday (22nd May} My son has named her Ramani because he said he was reading about Ramana Maharshi. Cows and calves have names from Hindu texts usually in our country. An ex- minister in our state names his cows after local film actresses, lol. Anyway, I am posting a picture taken today. I had taken another one with its mother cow but did not lad properly. I will also add pictures of the plants and trees later. We do not have a proper camera and use the mobile camera. I hope we will be able to buy one so that we can take pictures properly. I also plan on buying a goat so that it can eat all the grass here. Goats love the local grass that grows here, its called 'Thottavadi' - Scientific name : Mimosa pudica This grass is not relished by our cows. We had three grown cows but one got so unruly and would make my husband run after it throughout the farm, almost every day, that he sold it. Now +Ramani is the new addition.

click this link to see ramani -