Saturday, October 26, 2013

South Indian Snacks

1. Tea snacks -Bhajji – every south Indian will have eaten bhajji. These are snacks made usually enjoyed during tea time in the evening. Bhajjis are also offered to prospective bridegrooms during the ritual of girl seeing or ponnu parukkal before marriage fixing. Bhajjis are made by dipping sliced vegetables in batter and frying in oil. Fruits like banana are also used. Onion pakoda and samosa are also hot favorites. Bajji is known as pazham pori and vazhakka appam in Kerala.

2. Sweet snacks- easy to make sweet snacks for tea time are kesari, jaggery dosa and avil. Kesari is made by mixing rava in sugar syrup. Wheat flour mixed in jaggery syrup is the batter for jaggery dosa. Avil or rice flakes mixed in hot jaggery syrup is a top favorite.

3. Grandmother’s times- old favorites include porulanga undai, achappam, murukku, cheedai, thattai, unni appam, nayyappam, athirasam, thengozhal, pakodam, mixture and boondi.

4. Modern snacks – bread fry, sandwiches, bread upma, semia upma which can be had with different items like sambhar, curd (yogurt), chutney powder or sugar.

5. Noodles are an all time modern favorite. One can add vegetables to the noodles to make it a healthy dish. It is from the east but adopted by almost all homes now.

6. Dosa – small size dosas and iddlis are also healthy.

7. Malayalee snacks – these include vattayappam, vellayappam, achappam, kozhalappam, avalosunda, pathiri, neyyappam , chakkavaratti and unniappam. Rice powder or flour is the main ingredient. These snacks are healthy and filling too.

8. Chips – chips include banana chips, tapioca chips and potato chips.

9. Vadam- vadams are fast disappearing grandma delicacies. The crunchy munchies are everyone’s favorite but alas, not many know about its existence even. Vadams can be made at home and prepared by frying in oil. My father and I used to eat the half dried ones from the terrace. We used to love sneaking into the terrace to eat these. Vadams are of various types and can be made from rice and jowar. The arisi vadam, thakkali (tomato) karuvadam, killi karuvadam, onion vadam and others are still made in villages like koovapady(perumbavoor) in Kochi city, Kerala.

10. Pappads – home made pappads like chakka pappadam, kizhangu pappadam made from tapioca are easy to make and can be stored for almost a year.

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image source: My post on bubblews and the image is of a wheat dosa I made