Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Website Review & Ratings + ProHealth Coupons

ProHealth is a complete health management system. It is a store which offers health products and services. The homepage is neat and there are clear links to products, articles, smart savings club, community and catalog. Popular products are displayed on the home page. Local support groups can be contacted with the help of the site which is an advantage. ProHealth was founded in 1988 by Rich Carson.
 The site offers
1) Health products aimed at curing diseases and reducing symptoms
2) Health watch- free monthly newsletter
3) Research and treatment news
4) Active online community with forums and live chats with experts.
5) Donates to organizations like CFIDS Association of America, the National Fibromyalgia research Association and Actions for ME

ProHealth: What makes it different?
Products offered through ProHealth include air filters, antioxidants, immune support, multi vitamins, stress management, vision and eye care, women’s health products, men’s health products, urinary and kidney related products, Fibromyalgia support etc;.  It is the best online store which offers a solution for medical, beauty and overall health related problems. A detailed catalog offers product codes for products which makes it easy for a customer to buy them.
The site offers the added benefit of smart savings club. Membership in the club enables a person to avail of 40% discount, lower shipping cost, money back guarantee, free product samples, advance email notice of sales and priority processing. The site is safe to view.

The products offered by ProHealth are unique and different because it is based on through research. Quality is not compromised. Prohealth explains in detail about the ingredients used and gives medical information. The products are not masked by snazzy graphics.
Customer favorites include:
1} Guaifenesin FA- Generic Mucinex. The product code is #PH197. it is a pack of 100 veggie capsules which is priced at $19.49 but is available for $16.57 through the smart savings club. This capsule is an over the counter drug that help loosen and liquefy mucus.  What makes this product attractive is that it does not contain salicylates, sweeteners, flavorings, dyes, soy, yeast, dairy, gluten or corn.
2} FibroSleep is a product ProHealth offers to help enable deep and undisturbed sleep. Those who suffer from fibromyaligia or sleep disorders benefit from it. The pack is priced at $32.49 but is available for $25.99 through smart savings club. The product code is #PH311. fibrosleep is a herbal product which calms the nerves and muscles. It also supports digestion. FbroSleep contains herbs like Corydalus, Valerian, Passion flower, Ziziphus Spinosa and 400 mg of Sedapine. Lemon balm, ginger, peppermint and hops are used to help digestion process and as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.
3} B12 Extreme is a product of ProHealth which provides four forms of B12. it helps increase energy, supports the liver and helps achieve better mental accuracy. B12 extreme is priced at $46.49 but is available for $34.87 through smat savings. This product helps in detoxification. It contains Methylcobalamin, Dibencozide, cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin. The tablet should be dissolved under the tongue for total absorption.

ProHealth vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ProHealth)
1) Dr.leonard’s is an online site which offers products that range from beauty products to medical aid. The page layout is clustered compared to ProHealth. It has a help centre and a shop smart club. The benefits of this site are many products like those relating to pets also are available. The site accepts a lot of credit cards. A buy1 get 1 offer is attractive.
Details regarding ingredients are not detailed. It is however a one stop shop for all types of medical and health aids.
2) Drug is an international online drug store. A new visitor can easily select products. The product price range is revealed in local currency, but unless the visitor selects the mode of payment, the pop up box will not move. Prohealth does not demand a viewer to buy. It gives detailed description of each product according to search and also offer a side view of related products. The only problem regarding ProHealth is the conversion of currency and the unavailability of local price which may be of disadvantage to a foreign visitor.
3) is an online store which offers products like vitamins, herbs, beauty care, diet foods and health related products. It is a site which concentrates on a healthy lifestyle. It does not specifically concentrate on diseases. Youth, sports, body building and lifestyle seem to be the focus of the site. Categories are more defined in this site. The page is easy on the eyes of the viewer than ProHealth.

ProHealth: Pricing & packages
Pricing of products
1} Pain Relief
ProHealth- Therapain Plus Spray [#NO650]
Price -$24.95
Smartsavings price-$22.46
This product relieves pain caused due to arthritis, neck and backaches, stiffness, muscle soreness, sprains and strains, cramps, tendonitis, bursitis and sports injuries. This product does not have burning sensation, numbing or any other side effects. It is quickly absorbed and a cooling sensation is felt. It is a 4oz spray bottle with about 500 sprays. It is FDA registered. It contains L-menthol 2% plus Glucosamine and MSM.
GNC- GNC Glucosamine 1000 [90 tablets]
Price- $19.99
Gold card purchase-$15.99
This product helps to relieve pain, increase flexibility and costs less when compared. However details are not given about ingredients or the specific health problems related to the products. One bottle contains 90 tablets.
Dr. Leonard’s- Emu Arthritis pain Relief [# 85278] [3.5oz]
The product helps relieve pain. It contains pregnenolone and glucosamine. It is odorless, non staining and non greasy. It comes in a pack of 3.5oz.
ProHealth has an edge over the other products because it offers medication in all forms like sprays, creams and tablets. Details are given clearly about ingredients, symptoms and the way to use the product.
2} Urinary and Kidneys
ProHealth-Cranberry extracts {#Ph3}100 large capsules
Smart Savings-$12.39
It is a best seller which has the benefits of cranberry. Calorie count is not increased. It promotes urinary function and increases the health of the urinary tract. This is beneficial to those who get recurring bouts of urinary infection.
GNC- Dynamic Health Cranberry juice Concentrate 16 fl.oz.
Gold card purchase-$15.99
It is flavored and is not bitter in taste. More details are not available.
Dr.Leonard’s does not have cranberry products.

ProHealth: Customer reviews & comments
Customer feedback is an online site which has customer feedback on ProHealth products. There are reviews written by satisfied and unsatisfied customers. Some people complain of burning sensation caused by the mouthwash called CREST. A large number of people however prefer it to Listerine because it is alcohol free, makes the teeth look whiter and is highly recommended by dentists.
Articles on sites like refer to ProHealth and urge people who suffer from chronic fatigue to enlist support from local groups found through the site. The products are also referred to with positive feedback.
Coupons for Prohealth can be got through an online site called