Sunday, April 20, 2014

Promising writing site that pays well - 2014

The art of writing can get you a good income online.

You can get paid to write articles, stories, poems, tips, ads and what not. I even got paid to write a msg on a greeting card.

This new site has been introduced in 2014. The admins are a group of writers and friends who wanted to help others in their fold. So, they started a site which pays you to write a minimum of 150 word tips.

They share 70% of the revenue and you need not bother about the ad sense or other ad accounts. They pay out at the end of the month when the earnings are above 1$. Passive income is the attraction here as one need not spend so much time on writing tips based on experience. We have to submit original work though.
A writer who contributes often, will and can make more than a dollar each and every single day.

So, what are you waiting for, JOIN TODAY AND START EARNING. 

There are writing contests each month and he contest for May offers 50$ as prize.
Besides this, if a writer gets more points, he or she will be paid weekly without request. It is auto payment. Please do not lose this opportunity to earn decently from your online work.