Sunday, December 21, 2014

how to remove knee pain with holistic care

Both my husband and I are having knee pains. Because of the rains and damp atmosphere and our work connected with the cow shed as well, the pain is not subsiding. My husband has it so worse that he gets it unless he keeps eating the painkillers which is very bad as all know.
So, I asked my son to ask his yoga master in school about how to reduce this joint pain. The master has advised us to practice vajrasana. Please +Google for images.
Today my husband practiced it for about ten minutes and did get relief.
I could not sit properly but I will try it tomorrow. Just goes to show how much my body is suffering from lack of exercise.
This is the only asana which can be done after having a meal.
There are many +Yoga asanas which help the body regain total health. Those who are physically unable can still perform yoga by practicing yoga +Mudra which is +Yoga of the fingers
If you have knee pain please do try this out if you can
(not an ad for any yoga)
Those who are suffering from arthritis related joint pain, please consult a doctor before doing this.
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