Sunday, December 21, 2014

Small jobs you can do to make extra money

There are many jobs you can do to make extra money these days. 

1. Take private tutoring (classes for kids)
2. If you are skilled, you can offer services in the local neighborhood e.g. plumbing, electrician etc; 
3. Doing gardening work
4. Offering to do services for those who do not have time or are too old to do it by themselves - like paying bills, visiting offices or local govt. offices etc; ( There are many countries who do not have online systems- we still have to stand the queue)
5. Teaching dance or songs to kids or elders
6. Helping to organize functions 
7. Lending extra space for functions
8. Selling handicrafts on order with special logo
9. Selling home grown vegetables or fruits or home made foods-(you can also prepare food for parties - home made food would be a great hit- just advertize) 

I hope you like these ideas. You can write ideas based on your locality too.