Sunday, December 21, 2014

Childhood friendships and carefree days

After reading &ajithlalm post, I was transported from my present day boring life to those memories of childhood days. Thanks to him, I have a better mood now. In those days, we stayed near families which also had kids the same age as ours. The evenings were spent in playing outdoor games like shuttle and volleyball. The boys used to play a folk game called +Kuttim-kolum which was very exciting as well as dangerous to some extent. They had sharp sticks which they aimed to throw and dislodge a stick perched on a hole dug by hands. That is all I can remember about the game and soon after the elders stopped the boys from playing this game. 

During rainy days, we played carroms, sorry sir, ludo and even snakes and ladders. We also used to play cards, not with money of course. 

Those days were real free and with parents and elders also joining, it was days spent in heaven. Though short, it still energizes me. All of us have grown now but still love to live in those past days when kids had no grudge or ill feelings at all. The magic of childhood.

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